wdsotm: auxiliarycrossfit.com

Auxiliary Crossfit

We haven’t had a site of the month for a while, why not start the year with a site that may help us keep our new year’s resolutions. The site belongs to Auxiliary Crossfit. (auxiliarycrossfit.com) Who is Auxiliary Crossfit? Here’s a blurb from their site: “Auxiliary Crossfit values community, hard work, honesty, and humility. Our mission is to provide functional workouts...

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wdssotm: giancarlodrueco.com


This month’s featured site belongs to Gian Carlo Drueco ( giancarlodrueco.com) . Gian is a talented Toronto based fashion photographer. We have been hosting his size for the past 5 years and has gone through a couple of re-vamps along the way. The site is showcasing a lot of his great works both personal and commissioned.   “born in manila, philippines, gian carlo drueco moved to...

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wdssotm: ImagingTree.com


Our first site of the month is ImagingTree.com. This site belongs to a company that specializes in post production services for photographers and industry professionals. ¬†Their gallery¬†features some of the outstanding work they have. If your photos need that extra touch, check out these guys at ImagingTree.com   check out the site:...

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